Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a week!

This week seemed extra long. With Clinton working 10 hours days and going to school three nights a week it seems like I never see him. So i am very excited for our super busy weekend and to have lots of time together as a family.

Cadey has made my week even longer with her new found talent of screaming. She did it in the past but seemed to forget about it and now it has returned in full force. She screams throughout the entire day. She screams while shes playing, eating, and even in the middle of the night when we are done with her bottle. It doesn't stop! She even was mimicking herself when i was up loading her video for this post (ok well that part was cute and made me laugh)

On a positive note I love my new jogger and the girls love it to. We are so blessed that some one just gave it to us. I cant wait to finally get to the point where i can jog or even maybe run. But our daily walks are just as fun. It's a perfect way to end our day with the babies ready to go on an adventure and I finally get some silence plus some exercise.
Here are some cute pictures of the week. Enjoy!

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