Me and You, Before The Two

This is really where my story begins, when I discovered love at first sight. Now if this stuff makes you nauseous then you should just skip to Me and You, Expecting Two.

I met my amazing husband in 2004. I knew that when we first laided eyes on each other in the crowed room that he was the one. From that moment on our life together moved very quickly. We were already testing our relationship by moving in with each other after only dating for three months. Of course we loved every minute of it. Before I knew it I found myself at my surprise engagement when i thought we were just having a family lunch. August 12, 2007 we were married. It was a dream wedding (thanks to my MIL), I truly was a princess for a day and was so excited to be finally marrying my prince charming. Next step was to purchase a house. We managed to fall in love with the worst house in the city and bought it in May 2008. After a lengthy remodel with help from family we were ready for the next step, starting a family. Life was too easy I thought I had everything perfectly planned out. I did everything in the right order: married the perfect man, bought a house to create a home, now going to start a family what could be so hard about that. What I quickly was about to learn is that you cant plan out everything!