Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fire Scare

We have all seen the tragedy that fire can bring into many peoples life. Living in Southern California its very common to hear on the news about large fires that take out an entire community. Its always a area close by where you can watch the smoke in a distance and maybe get some smoke when the wind heads your way.

On Sunday the family (Grandma Teri and Auntie Kaylee, Terra, and Iris) came over to hang out with the girls while Clint and I ran some errands. On our way home from the grocery store we noticed a fire in the distance. Every time we turned down a street heading home I started to realize the fire was coming from our neighborhood. I had the worst feeling as we started driving faster down every street we turned down on. When we pulled up to the house we realized it was coming from the fields behind our house. The fire had just started and it was spreading fast, the fire department wasn't even there yet.

Terra and Iris had already went home but thank God Grandma Teri was watching the girls. I was such a nervous wreck watching the fire head right for our street. Clint immediately started up the sprinklers and housing off our house. I stayed outside I was glued to the fire, I couldn't focus on anything else. I just waited for the word that we were going to have to evacuate as I watched our neighbors at the end of our street prepare to lose their homes. Grandma Teri started packing up everything for us just in case we had to evacuate while Kaylee helped entertain the girls.

The fire was huge. I felt like I was in a war zone. You could feel the heat as ashes fell all around. We had planes and helicopters dropping water from all directions. The firemen we able to eventually get ahead of the fire. The fire ended up burning over 150 acres and no houses were lost.

As we laid in our beds that night still shaken up from what just happened we were so thankful that everyone had a home and bed to sleep in after such a scare. I am so thankful for our new neighborhood our amazing neighbors. I took a Thank you card around the the street for all the neighbors to sign and dropped it off with some cookies to our local fire dept for a small token of appreciation for everything they do.