Me and You, Expecting Two

My husband and I decided that the next step would be for us to start a family. It happened immediately. I found out I was pregnant three weeks into it. I was so excited to leave the doctors office with a piece of paper with my babies due date April 26, 2011. But things were stressful ever since I found out I was pregnant I was spotting and having lots of cramping. All I could think of was that i was going to miscarry so on week 6 of my pregnancy we finally decided to go the the emergency room. After 6 hours of testing and weird lingo between the ultrasound techs we were finally ready to see a doctor. Laying on the bed as we waited for the doctor we were so scared and not prepared for the bad news we were so sure we were about to receive. The curtain is swung open the nurse comes in and says "so your the one having twins?" "Um no I think you have the wrong bed maybe you should get the doctor" whoops I guess we were already suppose to know as the doctor comes in immediately after and confirms two very strong heart beats. At that point i was shaking thinking how did this happen, how am I going to have twins, At that time being 5'1" and only weighing 97 lbs I was very sure that twins would just not fit. The doctor reassured me that the body is amazing and would just work it out. Before I knew it two weeks later I lost my job. My husband and I were full of emotions adjusting to the excitement of our pregnancy of twins and now on one income was alot to swallow. From that point on my first trimester I had lots of nausea in the evenings and the only time I felt ok about this whole twin thing was when i I was able to see them in the ultrasound and know that they were both still there. 2nd trimester was full of movement and my body struggling to keep these babies in. On week 24 we found out we were expecting two girls and also that my cervix was quickly thinning. My contractions started during the doctors appointment and got worst just in time for my baby shower. I was hospitalized the following day due to tons of contractions and a culture test coming back positive that I could deliver by 26 weeks.   After being released 3 days later the next few weeks contained lots of bed rest. It was torture I couldn't work on the nursery or even go downstairs to make lunch. Any movement started up my contractions. On my 28th week check up I found out that my bed rest was not working, my cervix was pretty much non existent and I was sent to our local hospital immediately. From their I was transported by ambulance an hour away to a hospital that would be more capable of taking care of premature babies just in case i delivered, since at 28 weeks they were measuring only 1 pound. From that point on things just got harder, I was to stay there until I delivered. I was scared, not only was I an hour away from home but could deliver any day. The days were long, my contractions were every ten minutes and very uncomfortable. My iv was painful and had to be changed every couple of days which always required 3 or 4 times for them to get it right. I was taking pills and getting shots every couple of hours but nothing would stop the contractions. My stay lasted 4 weeks. My doctor finally decided at 32 weeks that my body couldn't take the constant labor any more and scheduled a c-section. I was scared my husband was an hour away and they are prepping me for surgery. The moment was intense, luckily my mother in law was alot closer and showed up just in time. The moment I worked so hard for was finally here, Chloe came first weighing 3.10 lbs  and Cadey was immediately after weighing 3.7 lbs. they were rushed off to the NICU as my husband showed up just in time to see them before they left the room.