Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

The girls had a great first Halloween. They dressed up in their Pink Skeleton costumes and helped pass out candy. I was so proud how brave they were and didn't let any of the creepy costumes  or decorations scare them. We usually have one of the scary houses on the street and Clint is known to make people run from our house screaming. So it was a blast watching groups of people decide who was the brave one to ring our door bell and for me to answer the door with a baby put a relief look on all the trick or treaters faces. Next year we will be back to our haunted house ways with the addition of Cadey and Chloe to help out. Maybe dress them up as little ghost to bobble around through our grave yard.
Cadey showing off her fabulous bow made by her Auntie Valerie

Taking sisters pumpkin while she isn't looking

Just got got taking sisters pumpkin
Happy Halloween!

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