Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall is finally here

I couldn't be happier that fall is finally here. We are all decorated and ready to celebrate. This time last year I was pregnant and wasn't really able to enjoy the holidays due to my bed rest and really just having a hard time getting around. So this year I decided to stay ahead and enjoy every minute of it with my family.

This weekend was a little busy. On Friday I finished up my Christmas shopping for the girls. Yes you read that right I am all done Christmas shopping and then we were off to the doctors for the girls 6 months shots. It's so hard to watch your babies being tortured. They each got 4 shots plus had to drink an oral one. Thanks to flu season we will be back in one month to get the second half of the influenza vaccine.

Saturday was fun. We met up with my brother Loui and his wife Valerie for some antique shopping and lunch in fallbrook. It was pretty hot so the day didn't last long but we got some great pictures and enjoyed getting out of the house for a little bit. The rest of the day the girls slept and recovered from their shots.

Today Tuesday was soooo nice, we finally got some rain. It was nice to bundle up the girls and be cozy all day. We even snuck out for a short walk in between showers. The girls were so excited to be wearing their fabulous beanies.

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