Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting Crafty

We started our weekend off with a family craft. It was so fun to get crafty with the babies and even have hubby lend a hand. The girls made adorable feet ghost for an ever lasting memory of how small their little feet were on there first Halloween.

We might be on to something! The girls have finally slept through a whole night! Cadey and Chloe had a bottle at 7:30 pm and didn't wake up until 7:30 am. Now that doesn't mean that I got any sleep of course I was sleeping on edge waiting for the cries and had to keep getting up to make sure everything was ok.  We recently went from 8 bottles a night down to 4 and I thought that was amazing until I got a sneak peak of what sleeping all night is like.

We have been trying to stay busy over the weekends and enjoy our family time. It seems to be a lot more fun to be out keeping the girls busy then sitting at home. Since I am stuck at home all week we tend to run out of fun areas for the girls to go since they cant sit or crawl yet. Saturday we headed out to the Orange County Swap meet. Our neighbor gave us a double jogging stroller so we were very excited to try it out. Unfortunately it was a bust since everything was way overly priced. Sunday was nice, we went to the girls great grandparents house for a delicious lunch and great company. It was a perfect weekend and hoping for a good week ahead.

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  1. super cute... just love your blog...was so great when gone to be able to take a peek and see all the adorable pictures of all of you.... love it !!