Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Babies

Today Clint got sent home from work since it was raining so we took advantage of our Monday and decided to go see Santa Clause. Since it's our first Christmas we weren't sure what to expect when the girls finally got to meet Santa. Of course they did great actually they weren't really sure what the big deal was. They just looked up at Santa then back at us wondering why some crazy lady is shaking bells at them. The picture isn't full of smiles but I am a happy mama it isn't full of tears.

We also picked up a personalized ornament at the mall. We get one every year (since we've been married) to represent that special year. Its always fun to hang them on the tree every year and look back and all the great years we have had together.

I love this ornament from last year. Grandma Teri got this for me since I was too pregnant to go get one last year. I think it sums up last year perfectly.

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