Saturday, September 17, 2011

High Risk Infant Developemental Evaluation

Had a very long day Friday, the girls were scheduled for their high risk infant developmental evaluation in Escondido. The girls each had to complete a hour and half of testing that included motor and development skills. I was a very proud mommy watching my babies sit so well at the table completing all of their tests. They tested the girls at their adjusted age of 4 months and of course mastered beyond that. They were graded comprehensive over all (which is the highest) and also scored at a 6 month level for comprehension and a 8 month level for expression in their speech and language evaluation. Clint and I could not be more happy that the girls are right on track after all the girls have been through.

Thank you Grandma Teri for all of your help I could not accomplish these appointments without you.

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  1. Was my pleasure... just too much fun watching how smart they both are. Val is so right just look at sweet Cadey Bug just sitting there just waiting for her turn lol... or because she is being held by "Auntie" M - was a great day and the girls did so great for how long the day was for them xoxo