Tuesday, September 13, 2011

growing up so fast

Since the babies have turned 6 months I feel like I have finally had time to enjoy them thoroughly. I love how they have learned to communicate by reaching out for me ( they just learned that this weekend ) and have patience for me me when they both decide they are ready for their bottle at the same time. Their smiles and laughs make me so proud to be their mommy.

This week Chloe has been having a hard time with teething. Its actually been going on for months now and we are very ready for some teeth to come in already. I love that out of her million choices of teething toy options her pacifier is her favorite. She just turns it sideways and chews on the outer part.

Also this week Cadey has been practicing saying "mama" although when she says it she has to make the most funniest face and say it up to the sky like shes howling. Its probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen but very proud that I got to be her first word. Maybe we will work on Chloe saying "dada" so it will be fair.

Looking forward to what they come up with next as they grow up so fast!

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