Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bye Bye Bottles

The bottles are officially gone this week. Although they recommend no more bottles at 12 months due to the possibility of causing earaches and problems with their teeth, the time didn't seem right for the girls until now at 16 months. With so much change going on with our family and trying to adjust to the move I felt we were finally ready for the next step and toss out the bottles.

Cadey seems to be just fine with no bottles she still runs over to her blanket by the tv and lays down to drink her sippy cup just as if it was a bottle. Chloe was a little bit more tricky, for the first couple of days she would taste the milk and would have nothing to do with her sippy cup. Since she is so little I was eager to find a way to get her to drink her milk so after a couple of different tries she seems to enjoy her milk cold.

Our weekend started off with a happy surprise. Uncle Kevin made it home safe from over seas and spent the day with us spending some catch up time with the girls. Although the time is always short I love that the girls got to spend a little bit of time with him before he heads off back to duty.

And whats a better way to end the weekend but in your own personal ball pit!

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