Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 Months

Its a big month for the girls we have officially moved the girls into their nursery. They have been sharing a crib in our room and were really starting to get cramped so it was off to the nursery where they can start sleeping in their own cribs.

The girls are really starting to show off their own personalities now. Chloe is very much a animal lover like her mommy. She loves playing with the dogs and wishing she could get a hold of the cats.

Cadey loves reading. I love catching her reading in a corner by herself. She also loves rolling around the house. Not sure she will ever decide to crawl since she can roll so fast. Cadey is always rolling after the dogs trying to figure out how that doggie door works.

Every month the girls surprise me with a new skill on the day they turn another month older and today Chloe out of no where decided to get on all fours! She doesn't know what to to do on all fours but to rock back and forth but it sure is a big step towards crawling.

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